I’m a London based director and producer. Editor & cofounder of Individualism. Former Senior video director MR PORTER Founder Ifailedtoo.com

About Me

I’m a digital filmmaker specialising in commercials and branded content for lifestyle, design and luxury markets. By combining my fascination and experience with online marketing and film, I help brands navigate the digital landscape by telling compelling, innovative stories through moving image, across all digital platforms.

My approach to commercials and content is acutely digital, my understanding that for visual ideas and stories to truly resonate in the digital climate, they must be approached with a digital mentality. Designed and created with multiple platforms in mind. A balanced combination of marketing, design and filmmaking.

Working with passionate individuals is what drives me and doing it with a smile on my face is what keeps me going.

Follow my journey on my journey page, see what I do on my portfolio, and find out how I work with others on my press page.

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